Why #happyinschool project?

1. Why #happyinschool project for autism/ADHD educators?

#happyinschool educator project is designed for ALL educators, in mainstream or specialist schools (LSAs and SENCOs, right through to senior leadership teams.

Every teacher is a teacher of SEND

Session outline

-practical information about how autism/ADHD present in the school environment

-how children and young people with autism and or ADHD can mask or manage their cognitive and sensory differences

-how anxiety and peer pressure can impair learning potential

-how to teach effectively within current SEND legal framework

-how to improve relationships with SEN parents

-working across teams to deliver, implement or improve Whole School SEND


2. What do you offer for autism/adhd parents?

#happyinschool parent project provides coaching and an empowering hub for everyone who parents and cares for children and young people with autism & ADHD.

#happyinschool ‘graduates’

Sessions include:

-Creating deeper understanding of autistic/ADHD behaviour in the classroom

-Closing the gap in communications between autism/ADHD parents and educators

-Sharing coping mechanisms for tough times

-Simple advocacy & communication techniques to improve relationships with educators, focusing on a child-centred approach

-Strategies around play & bullying at school – fitting in use of RA accommodations

-Discussing therapy options for autism & ADHD

-Exclusions – what can we do about them?

-Educating my autism/adhd child, special or mainstream school?

-SEND Law/additional support bodies/signposting


Session outline (can be tailored)

-two hour group session

-presentation (researched & written by Suzy)

-interactive sessions with parents (e.g role play, quiz)

-summary of session, useful contact numbers, etc.,

Why just autism & ADHD? 


Both of these conditions are known as ‘hidden’ for the simple reason that they are not always immediately obvious to educational professionals, parents or other children. It’s not uncommon for individuals with autism or ADHD to go until their teen twenties or well into adulthood without a diagnosis. This can affect their ability to progress at school and meet their potential but worse, this can create anxiety and a host of mental health issues. 

Six sessions?
It works best if parents do all six in a row;  it gives the group time to get to know each other and discuss key parts of the project as they are exposed to it. It’s a great way for parents to learn how other families reacted and resolved a particular issue. However… stand alone sessions can be just as useful and you may wish to do another, then another.

Why role play?

Working in groups can be embarrassing, awkward but once you get over the giggles it can be fun, inspiring and help shift your understanding nearer where it needs to be. You will gain support from strangers and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your own motivations. In minutes, you will feel free to we discuss behaviour, play and a host of other issues that may be worrying you.

Through the #happyinschool project workshops, you will practice techniques to help you support your school-aged child with autism and ADHD in the way that works for them and you. You will learn how to positively manage yours and the young person’s interactions with the school teaching and support teams. You will understand the assessment process more closely, SEN support, and most importantly, what having a diagnosis means to a child, depending on their age. Learning how to set and achieve realistic expectations for your children both in and out of school. All of this goes a long way to create an environment for children to feel #happyinschool.

A final note:

#happyinschool project is about finding solutions, discussing therapies and developing useful practice to enable children and young people with autism & ADHD, their families and educators to have a calmed, de-stressed lives. Future sessions are being discussed focusing on the following areas:

  1. Supporting autism & ADHD with nutrition.
  2. Mindful Yoga for autism & ADHD families.
  3. The other ‘A’ word: Anxiety.
Mindful Yoga for children with autism & ADHD

If you are interested in any of the above sessions please use the contact form to get in touch. We usually reply within 2 days.

Your support is appreciated:

If you would like to support the #happyinschool project to enable us to deliver low-cost sessions to parents and carers, we would be happy for you to make a donation via PayPal to the email address: suzyrigg@gmail.com using the reference #happyinschool

Thank you!



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