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Managing lockdown with autistic/ADHD kids indoors

Managing lockdown during a pandemic might be one of the most difficult things you ever need to do with your autistic or ADHD child. The key consideration when engaging children with additional needs, is to ensure their comfort and well-being, during play time. Lockdown is already a cause of anxiety for many kids with autism … Continue reading Managing lockdown with autistic/ADHD kids indoors

My book journey…

I started writing S.E.N.D. in the Clowns years ago; it started off as a collection of diary entries and was mainly cathartic – I would write through tears of injustice. Through increasingly detailed research, I could see there was a compelling story to tell. So here we are – my aim isn’t to tell a … Continue reading My book journey…

Zoom Zoom around the room

Really looking forward to talking to lots of autism and ADHD parents on Thursday.  I will also be doing a short book reading from S.E.N.D. in the Clowns, which is out in September. Looking for the perfect segment for you. Here’s the flyer with all of the information:     Meeting ID: 944 5140 9637 … Continue reading Zoom Zoom around the room