Managing Meltdowns (and shutdowns)

Before my son was diagnosed with ASD & ADHD, the meltdowns at school were pretty intense. He was always remorseful afterwards and wrote endless ‘sorry’ notes to various teachers and peer provocateurs, but still, of course, the meltdowns continued. One class teacher said in a meeting: ‘but they come out of nowhere and ‘poof’ he … Continue reading Managing Meltdowns (and shutdowns)

Suzy on The Different Angelz Show (New Style Radio).

Different Angelz is an innovative programme, devised by Charmaine Burton, a radio presenter who is passionate about politics and political issues as they impact the black community in the UK. The radio station is based in Birmingham, the UK’s ‘second city.’ Whatever your views, it’s a fascinating listen, and so important to have these conversations … Continue reading Suzy on The Different Angelz Show (New Style Radio).