Autism & Sleep

We’ve all heard about sleep hygiene right? You know – good routine before bed, hot drink, bath, regular bed time, reduce or eliminate screen time for an hour (at least) before attempting to go to sleep. Let’s call that level one. Level two or a combination of both, is trying out various calming or sleeping … Continue reading Autism & Sleep

TV programmes about autistic/ADHD children

Hmm. Sometimes referred to as ‘shock docs’. Documentaries designed to shock. Extended clips of children throwing a spectacular tantrum and parents looking on wearily and tearfully. I have worked with TV production companies in the past, and understand they need tension, drama and high emotion, even when making investigative programmes. But the pragmatist in me, … Continue reading TV programmes about autistic/ADHD children

Are your kids ready to go back to school?

For the longest time since Spring, I stopped communicating. Like many parents, my energy levels of were pushed to their limits, soaking up the confusion and stress of the family I was trying to support. But slowly, gradually, my energy has ebbed back and now I’m in full furnace mode 🙂 I’ve put together a … Continue reading Are your kids ready to go back to school?