#happyinschool consultancy services

Hi, I’m Suzy Rowland, Founder of #happyinschool project. As an autism/ADHD Specialist & Consultant, my aim is to support schools, colleges and other places of learning, to fully integrate and appreciate all pupils, employees, colleagues in line with the Equality Act 2010.  I focus my work on the intersection between neurodevelopmental divergence, and the teaching & learning professions and institutions. I aim to deliver work that touches deeply held beliefs and asks people to consider changing these beliefs. I understand the huge part that emotional well-being, cultural identity and social inequality play in every single human interaction.

How can I help you? 

    • Investigating evidence-based techniques for autism & ADHD learning and attainment
    • Creating healthy dialogue in all children about ASD/ADHD – ‘difference’
    • Managing school-related anxiety, low mood, unable to go to school
    • Transition planning & intervention
    • Understanding the function of adverse behaviours in school and strategies to address it
    • SENCO, senior management & NQT training
    • Workshop & group facilitation
    • Developing structures & strategies for multi-agency/partnership working
    • Encouraging positive play for autistic & ADHD children
    • Conflict resolution & mediation, e.g. school/parent
    • #happyinschool evidence-based interactive and empowering workshops for parents & professionals (themes to be agreed)
    • Developing a ‘growth mindset’ for pupils and staff

All projects are undertaken impartially and ethically to build lasting solutions. Dynamics between teachers, school leaders, parents, governors and local authorities are intrinsically complex, therefore I approach and assess each case individually.

Consultancy fees start from £500.00 (incl. VAT, minimum 1 day, professional insurance, excl. travel).  All works conducted in accordance with safeguarding guidelines and include a summary report & recommendations. Please get in touch directly to discuss your exact requirements –  email hello@happyinschoolproject.com or use the form.

Private therapy 

By the end of December 2020, I will be accepting clients for private therapeutic work* in London and Surrey areas, either face or face of via a digital interactive platform where appropriate. This is for families facing specific issues relating to school. I use a range of integrative psychotherapeutic & psychological ideas, especially cognitive behavioural models of psychotherapy (CBT) that are NICE recommended for use with children and young people.

If you feel you would benefit from seeing me privately, please get in touch using the contact form so we can arrange an informal chat and where appropriate, an initial assessment.


The fee for child & adolescent cognitive behavioural therapy is £75 per hour.  If you’d like to discuss whether CBT is right for you and your family please get in touch, using the form.

I offer a few group workshops in the community, in partnership with various organisations including Ruils, Express CIC, A2ndVoice, which are either free parents or require a donation. Please check their websites or my event page to book your place onto the next one.

*  I am not currently a full BACP member, however I work within ethical and standard practice guidelines, and my therapeutic work with families is under regular supervision.



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