Suzy Rowland – #happyinschool Founder

Hello, I’m Suzy Rowland, Founder and CEO of the #happyinschool project.

I’m an author, motivational speaker, autism advocate and poet. My early career was in corporate communications and PR. #happyinschool project addresses some of the issues I encountered when my son was repeatedly excluded from school starting from age of 5, before being eventually diagnosed with autism and ADHD – aged 8. My aim is that the #happyinschool provides guidance and support relating to educational issues for parents and professionals around autism/ADHD – specifically how these conditions impact children and young people, and those who care for them.

I’m passionate about fair access to good quality education for all children, and I’m a strong advocate for diversity and equality, especially those with SEN or coping with challenging circumstances.

I research autism & ADHD studies voraciously and endeavour to apply a range of ideas and principles in the sessions. Working from the heart-space, using teachings of compassion, self-awareness, kindness, mutual respect, self-awareness, dovetailed with scientific findings, the benefits of my teaching usually go far beyond the initial enquiry. And finally, I doesn’t take myself too seriously, firmly believing that laughter is the best medicine 🙂

Professional Qualifications

-Scope trained

-IPSEA trained

-CBT certified

-Safeguarding Certificate, Level 1

-IAPT (Improving Access Psychological Therapy) Certificate

-7 years research on ASD & ADHD

About Suzy:

After spending a good portion of my career in the corporate communications & PR industry, I changed career when my son was diagnosed with autism and ADHD. My late mother, Cas Walker was an educationalist, author, curriculum adviser and teacher for 30+ years in Birmingham and my daughter is a qualified teacher. Setting up the #happyinschool project is a life project.

The #happyinschool project delivers evidence-based, informative, creative and engaging sessions. Parent usually enter the sessions feeling ‘broken’ by the system. #happyinschool provides an initial step towards acceptance and empowerment and you and your autistic family rise the obstacles and work collaboratively to overcome them. 

My first poetry collection Songs of My Soul is features on  I have curated a series of poetry workshops, ‘PoetryAsHealing’ providing talk therapy and emotional support. Designed for small groups, these sessions provide an outlet for healing for people with caring responsibilities and mental health issues, using poetry to stimulate sometimes difficult conversations. PoetryAsHealing workshops are especially useful for organisations who wish to support employees’ mental and emotional well-being. Review by Richmond Borough Carers in Mind.


1. #happyinschool educator project is designed for ALL educators, in mainstream or specialist schools, LSAs and SENCOs, through to senior leadership teams.

Session outline

-practical information about how autism/ADHD present in the school environment

-how children and young people with autism and or ADHD can mask or manage their cognitive and sensory differences

-how anxiety and peer pressure can impair learning potential

-how to teach effectively within current SEND legal framework

-how to improve relationships with SEN parents

-working across teams to deliver, implement or improve Whole School SEND


2. #happyinschool parent project provides coaching and an empowering hub for everyone who parents and cares for children and young people with autism & ADHD.

Sessions include:

-creating deeper understanding of autistic/ADHD behaviour in the classroom

-closing the gap in communications between autism/ADHD parents and educators

-sharing coping mechanisms for tough times

-simple advocacy & communication techniques to improve relationships with educators, focusing on a child-centred approach

-strategies around play & bullying at school

-discussing therapy options for autism & ADHD

Session outline (can be tailored)

-two hour group session

-presentation (researched & written by Suzy)

-interactive sessions with parents (e.g role play, quiz)

-summary of session, useful contact numbers, etc.,

3. COMING SOON…. #happyworkplace project

-providing autism and ADHD consultancy service to companies

– advising how to support employees with ‘hidden disabilities,’ improve their well-being, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism.

– specialist autism/ADHD workshops for employees with caring responsibilities for their children with disabilities.

My piece in Diversity Q Magazine elaborates this idea…

All training programmes are tailored to your needs, and in line with current Employment Law, SEND CFA 2014 & Education Act 2002 & Children Act 2004 legislation.

Sessions outline: Content in production


-training, workshops, modelling

-length and duration to meet employer/employee needs


‘If we can bridge the gap by creating deeper understanding on all sides, ultimately we will be nurturing happier individuals.” Suzy Rowland

Suzy Rowland
Credit: Paul Warrington