Suzy Rowland – #happyinschool Founder

Hello, I’m Suzy Rowland, Founder and CEO of the #happyinschool project.

Suzy Rowland is an author, speaker, Autism & ADHD Advocate, and a poet. Suzy’s son was diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD aged nine, and, after years of unsatisfactory experiences with schools, she set up the HIS (#happyinschool) project. Suzy’s belief is that parents, educators and children working together, have a unique opportunity to develop radical new systems around educating and supporting children and young people with autism/ADHD. Suzy works in partnership with schools, local authorities, charities and parent/carer groups offering training, dialogue, influence and education.

Suzy’s former career in front-line PR, helped her to galvanise support for the project and its aims; she regularly engages in the debate, attracting media and other interest. Suzy is particularly interested in boys of black Caribbean heritage, with special educational needs, as statistically they’re the group most likely to be excluded from primary and mainstream secondary schools.

“Reducing stigma and discrimination, giving all children the chance to reach their creative or academic potential and reduce the emotional damage of being excluded from school, is within the reach of all of us. I’m all about activating change and preventing more children from being damaged by an outmoded system.”

Suzy is passionate about helping others address the issues she faced as a mother. Her teenaged son is fast becoming a strong autism/ADHD advocate himself. He was recently nominated for a Jack Petchey Award.

Suzy’s poetry

Suzy published her first collection, Songs of My Soul in 2017 to wide acclaim. Suzy regularly reads her work at poetry events across London, Surrey and Birmingham. She also curates PoetryAsHealing workshops providing emotional support and talk therapy for people with caring responsibilities or mental health issues.

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Songs of My Soul:


Professional Qualifications

-Scope trained

-IPSEA trained

-CBT certified

-Safeguarding Certificate, Level 1

-IAPT (Improving Access Psychological Therapy) Certificate

-7 years research on ASD & ADHD


Designed for small groups, these sessions provide an outlet for healing for people with caring responsibilities and mental health issues, using poetry to stimulate sometimes difficult conversations. PoetryAsHealing workshops are especially useful for organisations who wish to support employees’ mental and emotional well-being. Review by Richmond Borough Carers in Mind.

‘If we can bridge the gap by creating deeper understanding on all sides, ultimately we will be nurturing happier individuals.” Suzy Rowland