Suzy Rowland – #happyinschool Founder

Hello, I’m Suzy Rowland, Founder and CEO of the #happyinschool project.


Hi – I’m Suzy Rowland, an author, inspirational speaker (someone told me to write that!) Autism & ADHD Specialist, cognitive behavioural therapist and poet. My son was diagnosed as autistic and ADHD aged nine. I subsequently left the corporate world after 20+ years in senior PR and communications roles and set up  #happyinschool project in 2018.

It is hugely satisfying to work with health, and education professionals to improve the life chances for neurodiverse children and their families. Positive collaboration is central to the way I work – the emotional health and well-being of many families depends on it.

I’m particularly interested in the educational outcomes of vulnerable young people and boys of black Caribbean heritage with special educational needs, as statistically they are the groups of pupils most likely to be excluded from primary and secondary mainstream schools. I’m inspired by the contributions of many in the autism/ADHD space. Partner with me on a life-long journey of a discovery about how human beings communicate, overcome adversity and evolve into better versions of themselves.

“Reducing stigma and discrimination, giving all children the chance to reach their creative or academic potential which is only achieved by reducing the emotional damage of being either physically or socially excluded from school. This is within the reach of all of us. I believe in activating change and preventing more children – of all backgrounds – from being damaged by an outmoded system.” Suzy Rowland

When I’m not eating home-cooked food or dancing around the kitchen, I’m an avid reader and writer, with interests in human psychology, philosophy, culture, creative arts and poetry.

I’m passionate about helping others address the issues I faced as a mother; my son is fast becoming a strong autism/ADHD advocate. He’s growing a successful YouTube channel, editing content, creating a mixed gaming community and being an all round pretty amazing person, he plays classical guitar to distinction standard and has a Jack Petchey Award. I’m very proud of him and his big sister, who is a primary school teacher.

My Qualifications

Scope & IPSEA trained, Certificate in CBT (BPS approved) |Safeguarding Certificate, Level 1 | IAPT (Improving Access Psychological Therapy) Certificate|7 years research on ASD & ADHD | 20 + years corporate communications & PR.

Click the link to read about my forthcoming book S.E.N.D. in the Clowns

‘If we can bridge the gap by creating deeper understanding on all sides, ultimately we will be nurturing happier individuals.” Suzy Rowland

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