Suzy Rowland – #happyinschool Founder

Suzy Rowland, Founder and CEO of the #happyinschool project, is an author, speaker, autism, ADHD and equality advocate. My goal is simple: To work with a range of partners to improve life prospects for children, young people and their families with Autism & ADHD. My research basis is autism and ADHD but many of the principles I support, work for children and those who care for them, with a range of disabilities. I work from the heart-space, mixing self-awareness, confidence building and compassionate teachings, with scientific findings, role play and lots of laughter – it’s the best medicine.

The #happyinschool educator project is designed for ALL teachers (LSAs and SENCOs, right the way through to senior leadership teams) in mainstream schools.

Sessions include:

-practical information and guidance about how autism/ADHD present in a mainstream classroom 

-how children and young people with autism and or ADHD can mask or manage their cognitive and sensory difference

-how anxiety and peer pressure can impair learning potential

-how to teach effectively within current SEND legal framework

-how to improve relationships with SEN parents

-working across teams to deliver, implement or improve Whole School SEND


The #happyinschool parent project is coaching and empowering hub for everyone who parents and cares for children and young people with autism & ADHD.

Sessions include:

-creating deeper understanding of autistic/ADHD behaviour in the classroom

-how to close the gap in communications between autism/ADHD parents and educators

-sharing coping mechanisms for touch times

-simple advocacy & communication techniques to improve relationships with educators, focusing on a child-centred approach

-play & bullying at school

-looking at therapy options for autism & ADHD


-two hour group session

-presentation (researched & written by Suzy)

-interactive sessions with parents (e.g role play, quiz)

-summary of session, useful contact numbers, etc.,


The #happyinschool workplace project provides autism and ADHD consultancy service to companies – advising how to support employees with ‘hidden disabilities,’ improve their well-being, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism. The project extends to specialist autism/ADHD workshops for employees with caring responsibilities for their children with disabilities. My piece in Diversity Q Magazine elaborates this idea…




-training, workshops, modelling

-length and duration to meet employer/employee needs

I spent 25 years in the corporate communications & PR industry, where I blended my love of writing, outstanding organisational skills with compassionate approach to deliver informative, creative and engaging sessions to parents, who usually start off feeling ‘broken’ by the system.

I am also a published poet  and building on the fundamentals of talk therapy and emotional support, I have created a series of ‘PoetryAsHealing’ workshops to deliver to small groups to provide a springboard for difficult conversations. These workshops are especially useful for organisations who wish to support their employees mental and emotional well-being. 

I am Scope, IPSEA & CBT trained, with two members of the family on the autism spectrum, and one with a diagnosed mental health condition. It is for these reasons that I have curated a series of poetry delivers emotional support workshops to Richmond Borough’s Carers in Mind. My late mother, Cas Walker, was an educationalist, author, curriculum adviser and teacher for 30+ years in Birmingham and my daughter is a qualified teacher.

“If we can bridge the gap by creating deeper understanding on all sides, ultimately we will be nurturing happier individuals.”

Suzy Rowland
Credit: Paul Warrington