I feel good -dana,dana, dana -dah! (to the James Brown tune)

I’m not afraid of hard work. I raised two kids and held down a demanding career in corporate communications pretty much single-handed, until I married in my late forties and finally realised what day-to-day support felt like. I nursed my mother when she moved in with us and still carried on working and sorting out … Continue reading I feel good -dana,dana, dana -dah! (to the James Brown tune)

Autism & Mental Health Autistic Society Conference 2021

So on March 11 this happened – I gave a talk for the UK’s National Autistic Society. As a published author you do get asked to write opinion pieces and give talks, but I never take this for granted; it was an honour. If you’re new here, do take a nosy at my book, and … Continue reading Autism & Mental Health Autistic Society Conference 2021

Connected by Autism

As a JKP author, I’m so excited to be taking part in this brand new event – called Connected by Autism. Check out the promo video. If you’re interested, the event is now up online here – https://jkpautism.thinkific.com/ – and selling tickets! Attendees can get £10 off until 22nd Feb with the code EARLYBIRD at checkout. But if you don’t … Continue reading Connected by Autism

happyinschool on YouTube

I’ve started to build my YouTube channel. Warning: The films are not fast, fizzy or heavily edited. But they do contain lots of words. Interesting, well-selected and informative words. Do check it out and SUBSCRIBE. That would be great. And as usual let me have any feedback. There are lots of videos already uploaded, on … Continue reading happyinschool on YouTube