Social stories: this time, slower

You may have seen these in other places but they are a great tool. There is a lot of information in these social stories and it’s worth taking the time to revisit these with your autistic /ADHD children, but they are useful for kids without autism /ADHD too! What we all going through is huge, … Continue reading Social stories: this time, slower

Homeschooling ideas #1

  If your child is missing school or a special teacher, perhaps as part of your homeschooling, you could practice writing a letter to the teacher? Or they could write to grandma if they didn’t get to see her on Mothering Sunday đź’— What could they include? Family news, a bit about how they’re feeling, … Continue reading Homeschooling ideas #1

Has your child been diagnosed with autism? How to get from chaos to calm

Article published in Motherhood: The Real Deal Getting an autism diagnosis for your child can be a shock, which usually mellows down into relief.  Your nagging suspicions were right, now you have a name for the behaviours. Once you’ve got your head around the diagnosis, there are probably hundreds of questions swirling in your mind. What … Continue reading Has your child been diagnosed with autism? How to get from chaos to calm

Helpful notes from our self esteem talk by #happyinschool’s Suzy Rowland

Originally posted on ADHD Richmond & Kingston:
Hello everyone, We now have a summary of notes that Suzy Rowland has kindly supplied us with after the talk she gave us on Importance of self-esteem & how to build it in ADHD children & young people. Suzy also recommended this article ‘Supporting your child in developing…

How is your local authority doing with SEND?

I recently attended a conference put on by our local authority provider of children’s services Achieving for Children. They serve the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames, the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames and also Windsor and Maidenhead. Achieving for Children’s remit for children and young people in the borough’s they operate in, is … Continue reading How is your local authority doing with SEND?