Children with SEND are vulnerable to school exclusion

  Statistics show that children with special educational needs account for almost half of all exclusions in schools. Or to put it another way, children with S.E.N.D. are six times more likely to be excluded. Guidelines in the S.E.N.D Code of practice and ultimately the Equality Act 2010 are designed to provide equality of opportunity and … Continue reading Children with SEND are vulnerable to school exclusion

Flyers at the ready

In addition to organising my thoughts, I’m getting my marketing information ready for the Autism Conference in Kingston, UK on March 20. I’d originally made some ‘home-spun’ flyers in word (I know:) but hopped over to a well-known online marketing shop and knocked up these beauties a couple of day’s ago. They have a huge … Continue reading Flyers at the ready

Express CIC Autism Conference

The Express Autism Conference takes place on March 20 at the Rose Theatre, Kingston, an event for World Autism Awareness Week. I’m taking part in the event and looking forward to chatting to the other speakers and meeting as many guests as possible. It feels like a huge responsibility; I’m aware that my experience as … Continue reading Express CIC Autism Conference

Training is key

‘Exclusions of autistic pupils set to be halted after landmark legal ruling’ This is great news for autism parents. The charity Ambitious About Autism has highlighted that children with SEN are the group of children most likely to be excluded from school, the education system is effectively failing them. It is precisely because of headlines … Continue reading Training is key