Tips to build self-esteem in young people (with ADHD)

Give your self-esteem a boost Self-esteem can change in an instant, measure yours and your child’s constantly. Literally, on a scale from 1 – 5, where 1 =rubbish and 5 = on top of the world, how do you feel? If you feel yourself slipping, try out a couple of the relaxation or energizing techniques … Continue reading Tips to build self-esteem in young people (with ADHD)

A dedication to my mother

My mother isn’t alive to know that her child is on the verge of publishing her second book. But I know that she knows. Another rainy Saturday afternoon and I’m spending half of it with my head bent over the laptop. But the end of book two is in sight and I hope that the … Continue reading A dedication to my mother

My book journey…S.E.N.D. in the Clowns

It’s been long, it’s been round the houses but at last it’s here! 2020 is the year I will birth an idea I had many years ago but wasn’t in a position to pursue.  S.E.N.D. in the Clowns is the name of this idea, which presents as a book but it is much more than … Continue reading My book journey…S.E.N.D. in the Clowns

Opening a closing door

Firstly autism is not a mental health disorder; it’s a neurological condition that affects the brain. Autistic people are different, but that difference need not be a disadvantage. Read that again. Autistic people are individual and their autism presents itself as uniquely and individually as they are. In my opinion, a person’s autism is so … Continue reading Opening a closing door

Supporting ADHD & resilience

It’s well-evidenced that the parts of the brain responsible for organisation and forward planning, are impaired in children and young people with ADHD. This is in addition to possible emotional regulation issues, anxiety, impulsivity, learning disability or even autistic traits. (It is common for ADHD to co-exist with autism). If the anxiety wasn’t there at … Continue reading Supporting ADHD & resilience

Express Yourself – Autism Education & Exploration

One of the voluntary organisations I work in partnership with to deliver the #happyinschool project is Kingston based Express CIC. Express is a user-led voluntary organisation set up in 2012 with the aim of building a better future for young autistic people in the community, encompassing Kingston Upon Thames, Richmond, Surbiton, Ewell, Tolworth, Claygate, Long … Continue reading Express Yourself – Autism Education & Exploration

SEND Futures Conference

I attended the SEND Futures Conference organised by Richmond & Kingston’s provider of Children’s Services, Achieving for Children. Over 325 teachers, SENDCOs, voluntary sector organisations and charities, attended the spacious venue at Twickenham Stoop. There were presentations on a number of issues including Whole School Send and SCERTS (a framework for delivering intervention for children … Continue reading SEND Futures Conference