Schools improvement – Autism Practice

“From ‘corridor crush’ to the sounds and smells of the canteen, #autistic children find the sensory environment in mainstream school intolerable.” 71% of autistic child are taught in mainstream schools that are built for children who are not neurodiverse.” Read my full article, published in National Autistic Society’s Autism Practice Guide. Education and neurodiversity are … Continue reading Schools improvement – Autism Practice

Less (time) #homeschool, is definitely more calm

From the year that keeps giving, thought I’d share an adapted excerpt from my current book S.E.N.D. in the Clowns. It’s in the section about homework, but as most of school work has migrated back to home, here we go…I haven’t made this guide age appropriate, as the rule is that at home, normal school … Continue reading Less (time) #homeschool, is definitely more calm

Autism & Sleep

We’ve all heard about sleep hygiene right? You know – good routine before bed, hot drink, bath, regular bed time, reduce or eliminate screen time for an hour (at least) before attempting to go to sleep. Let’s call that level one. Level two or a combination of both, is trying out various calming or sleeping … Continue reading Autism & Sleep

How inclusive is your workplace, really?

Is your workplace really inclusive? What does inclusive mean to you as a parent or employee? Have you personally felt that being at work means you can’t be yourself? (I was that person, which is why I’m a happy self-employed unicorn:) Money can’t buy happiness, but there is a balance to be struck, especially if … Continue reading How inclusive is your workplace, really?

Raising autistic/ADHD teens..? tighten your belts

Raising primary-aged autistic, ADHD children has its challenges. Some of these can be managed with a tailored mix of adaptations to strengthen your child’s skills and build self-esteem in a world which is often ignorant and unkind. But when your little one grows up, the challenges don’t go away, they morph into a tangled fisherman’s … Continue reading Raising autistic/ADHD teens..? tighten your belts