happyinschool on YouTube

I’ve started to build my YouTube channel. Warning: The films are not fast, fizzy or heavily edited. But they do contain lots of words. Interesting, well-selected and informative words. Do check it out and SUBSCRIBE. That would be great. And as usual let me have any feedback. There are lots of videos already uploaded, on … Continue reading happyinschool on YouTube

Managing our children’s mental health – the parents’ perspective

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week, so in my view, a good time to talk about how parenting is going! I will be hosting a relaxed Zoom session on Friday 5th February at 19:00 (UK TIME). I’m looking forward to some stimulating and supportive conversation between friends about how it’s all going. If you’d like to … Continue reading Managing our children’s mental health – the parents’ perspective

Children’s Mental Health Week

A closer look at attachment. As we slide into Children’s Mental Health Week from the Charity Place2Be, we can feel that the ongoing situation is storing up serious emotional issues for the current younger generation. On the whole, lots of our primary aged children have displayed extraordinary resilience and kindness in the last year: although … Continue reading Children’s Mental Health Week

Less (time) #homeschool, is definitely more calm

From the year that keeps giving, thought I’d share an adapted excerpt from my current book S.E.N.D. in the Clowns. It’s in the section about homework, but as most of school work has migrated back to home, here we go…I haven’t made this guide age appropriate, as the rule is that at home, normal school … Continue reading Less (time) #homeschool, is definitely more calm

Autism & Sleep

We’ve all heard about sleep hygiene right? You know – good routine before bed, hot drink, bath, regular bed time, reduce or eliminate screen time for an hour (at least) before attempting to go to sleep. Let’s call that level one. Level two or a combination of both, is trying out various calming or sleeping … Continue reading Autism & Sleep