S.E.N.D in the Clowns {VIDEO}

Autism is a ‘hidden disability’. This means that the features of the disability are not always obvious and can be misunderstood. For example severe anxiety and stress can look like rage or disobedience, especially in the classroom. I examine this in my new book S.E.N.D in the Clowns (due to be published in 2019).  The … Continue reading S.E.N.D in the Clowns {VIDEO}

Tackling subconscious bias in health & social care

“As the fourth largest employer in the world the NHS recognises it must be a role model of diversity and equality to which others can aspire.”  This quote is from an article published a few year’s ago in HR Magazine It’s an editorial that’s a few years old, and reads well as a strategy document … Continue reading Tackling subconscious bias in health & social care

Willard Wigan – The King of Tiny Art

I met Willard Wigan at the Autism Show earlier this year. I had heard him speak before on TedX and also saw his incredible show at Ripley’s Believe it or Not (that was a unique place, so sad it’s closed), but hearing him speak to autistic and non-autistic people about his experiences growing up in … Continue reading Willard Wigan – The King of Tiny Art

Opening a closing door

Firstly autism is not a mental health disorder; it’s a neurological condition that affects the brain. Autistic people are different, but that difference need not be a disadvantage. Read that again. Autistic people are individual and their autism presents itself as uniquely and individually as they are. In my opinion, a person’s autism is so … Continue reading Opening a closing door

ADHD: a truly complex condition

As you can see from the info-graphic, ADHD is a complicated condition with many presentations. It’s not something that your average teacher will either know in detail or understand. It is certainly not a subject that is covered in anywhere near this depth in current teacher training. So what are we left with – as … Continue reading ADHD: a truly complex condition

Coming clean about mental health

I feel this might be the first post of many on this issue. I’ve been thinking a lot about mental health, what it means for people who are affected and those who support them. You probably know someone who is having difficulties with mental health issues right now. You may have had episodes yourself in … Continue reading Coming clean about mental health

Penny for your thoughts…CBT on point

I think the expression ‘ penny for ’em?’ is a bit old now, but the sentiment behind the words still stands. Seeing someone vacantly staring into space, their mind clearly somewhere else, prompts the innocent question. The day dreamer will usually laugh it off when they’re asked what they’re thinking…. ‘wouldn’t you like to know?’ … Continue reading Penny for your thoughts…CBT on point