I feel good -dana,dana, dana -dah! (to the James Brown tune)

I’m not afraid of hard work. I raised two kids and held down a demanding career in corporate communications pretty much single-handed, until I married in my late forties and finally realised what day-to-day support felt like.

A sprinkle of self-compassion goes a long way

I nursed my mother when she moved in with us and still carried on working and sorting out the children. I carried on when my son was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Condition and ADHD. When my daughter dropped out of Uni… and then I set up the #happyinschool project to support other parents. Then the penny dropped. I’m good at things, even though I make mistakes, I don’t need to beat myself up. I don’t need to be ashamed of anything – I used to feel huge shame and pressure as a single working mum.

Grateful for everything I’ve learned

I’m grateful for all of the learning experiences I’ve had. They are what make me a good listener, colleague and friend. I’m a good human being – most of the time 🙂 None of this is self-aggrandising, it’s about being reflective and honest with myself. The key component of any mental health journey, whether you are at the start, recovering, in the middle or most importantly, maintaining your mental well-being, is self-compassion.

And it feels good.


© Suzy Rowland

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