happyinschool on YouTube

I’ve started to build my YouTube channel. Warning: The films are not fast, fizzy or heavily edited. But they do contain lots of words. Interesting, well-selected and informative words. Do check it out and SUBSCRIBE. That would be great. And as usual let me have any feedback.

There are lots of videos already uploaded, on issues of home-schooling, parenting a young autistic child, working with partners. I have a huge back catalogue of content that I’m slowly starting to unload, as I improve my editing skills. (Why do one thing, when you can do ten?) You will also find and hopefully enjoy some of my poetry.

Here’s my latest upload – cover image features the lovely Founder of A2ndVoice, Venessa Bobb, with a copy of my book, S.E.N.D. in the Clowns.

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