Strengths-based Superpowers

“Focus on building your strengths rather than working so hard to overcome your perceived weaknesses.”   Susan Duffy

Saw this quote on my Twitter feed and it inspired me to write this post:

Your strengths are your superpower. Not sure what your strengths are? Ask your mum, your auntie, your cousin, your grandpa what you’re good at! Ask your teacher when you’re back at school, ask your best friend. Write down what they say. You might be surprised but trust their answers. Don’t listen to that silly voice in your head that tries to tell you negative things! The list is a good starting point, it’s what people see, it’s what you show them.
Write down your own ideas about what you’re good at. See! It’s a good list. The key thing about superpowers is that they are unique to you. Lots of people are good at singing but no-one sounds like exactly like you. There are hundreds of fabulous artists, but your style is unique to you, in spite of your influences. And the same for everything you’re good at. Now look at it every day and say to yourself:
“I’m really good at….
I’m really good at…..
I’m really good at…..
Forget about your weaknesses, this is a strengths challenge.
Read the list every day for three weeks. Pin it somewhere so you don’t lose it
The repetition is VITAL as it encouraged your brain to replace unhelpful beliefs with positive ones. Yay!
When you’ve done that, you’re well on your way to seeing what your strengths are. Practice them, use them, you’re already flexing your superpower muscles. Go YOU!
Feel free to share this post, but please do so in its entirety, will full credit to its origin. Thank you.
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