A dedication to my mother

My mother isn’t alive to know that her child is on the verge of publishing her second book. But I know that she knows. Another rainy Saturday afternoon and I’m spending half of it with my head bent over the laptop. But the end of book two is in sight and I hope that the painstaking research, effort and love that’s gone into this book will help to influence, empower and provide clarity, for many families who are caught up in the complexity and joys of autism and ADHD.

S.E.N.D. in the Clowns, by Suzy Rowland

Re-reading the dedication to my late mother, makes the hours, weeks, actually years of work poured into every page 100% worth it!

S.E.N.D. in the Clowns is out in July 2020. You can pre-order your copy here…www.hashtagpress.co.uk/shop

The design in this post is for promotion only, the actual cover will be revealed in the next couple of months! Here’s the dedication…

“My mother Dorcas (Cas) Walker was a much-loved teacher, who taught in inner city Birmingham and loved her job. As an educational campaigner and curriculum adviser she cared passionately about primary education. She was involved in supplementary schools in Birmingham and was a strong advocate for learning about culture and history as a way for children, particularly those from black or dual-heritage backgrounds, to build self-esteem and purpose. This book is dedicated to my mother, Cas, an eternal student of life.”


Dorcas (Cas) Walker

I have definitely inherited her passion for learning and curiosity about life. Initially I pursued a career in the creative industries and after my son was born, discovered the fascinating worlds of autism, ADHD, psychology, cognitive behaviour therapy, neuroscience and much more. It’s an area I feel my skills are well-suited, before I knew it, I’d ingested my body weight in research and set off on a #happyinschool adventure!

Seeing how the mindfulness, well-being and mental health conversation is spreading is hugely encouraging. As we tackle higher levels of anxiety and depression in our young people, we need to investigate new managements and treatments, which will help us all.

Stay happy, stay healthy! x

Suzy Rowland

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