S.E.N.D. in the Clowns

I haven’t written my 2020 goals yet, I do it every year as it helps my ‘butterfly brain’ to focus and yes they will be smart goals, just as I remind people to do in the #happyinschool sessions.

SMART goal setting
SMART goal setting, it’s not too late!

The start of a new year/decade encourages you to look forward, but don’t forget how much you’ve already achieved…


which leads me to…

Suzy’s new book!

One thing I have achieved is… the completion of my book after many years, which weaves the story of J’s diagnosis & exclusions with a practical hand-book, bursting with information for parents and anyone with an interest in autism & ADHD. It’s called S.E.N.D. in the Clowns and will be out in July 2020 with @hashtag_press – you can pre-order your copy here

More on this soon…!

A decade of change

We started our special educational needs journey more than a decade ago, when the nursery called me about J’s behaviour; he wasn’t keen on sharing, he liked to play on his own etc. But his diagnosis didn’t come until nearly nine years later.  As a society, we’ve improved our awareness of autism and ADHD, such putting plans in place earlier, but there is still plenty that isn’t right, especially in education. There are professionals in key positions in health, education and social care, who are either untrained or unwilling to tackle the broader issues around SEND, such as employment, relationships, teenage issues.

Many groups are active in pushing ahead to make sure parent voices are heard and our children are not disadvantaged by their difference. Other parents are getting stuck into local and national campaigning projects or working as volunteers, to make sure our children are able to access an education.

Uniquely himself, nearly another autism statistic…

This is why I set up #happyinschool – many SEN issues go way beyond the school gate. I see my role as empowering you, making you feel confident in your role as a parent, educator, advocate or professional. Giving you the tools to positively influence everyone who comes into contact with your child/ren.

We can all do our bit, which is just as powerful as trying to address cultural bias and discrimination in society!




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