Tackling subconscious bias in health & social care

“As the fourth largest employer in the world the NHS recognises it must be a role model of diversity and equality to which others can aspire.” 

This quote is from an article published a few year’s ago in HR Magazine

Are you and your child being listened to by health and social care professionals?

It’s an editorial that’s a few years old, and reads well as a strategy document but is tricky to put into practice, due to the personal bias and prejudice that exists in all of us. As an autism/ADHD and education equality advocate, my wish or four point plan is this:

1. All interfaces between patients/parents with health and social care professionals are conducted with only ‘traces’ of bias.

2. That professionals are aware of their own bias during consultations and try not to make value judgements.

3. That clinical information is presented and analysed carefully as data and interpreted based on the evidence of that data.

4. That health and social care professionals ‘actively listen’ to patients and parents as if they were are a key participant in their own care.

Because they are. Here’s to #2020


© Suzy Rowland

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