Reviews, Exclude, Recycle

Tuesday, saw the publication of the Timpson Review on exclusions. As I was replying to emails in my PJs on Tuesday morning, I got an email from Channel 5 News, no less, asking me to comment on the review. After a brief telephone chat with news editor, they decided to do a face-to-face interview at my house. Eeek, I got dressed, made up and tidied the house in record time! The interview went out on Channel 5 news to co-incide with the report’s publication.

Aside from me sharing my story, it’s a story that’s all too relatable. Even though the soundbite is that ‘exclusion from school shouldn’t mean exclusion from education,’ for many thousands of children and young people and their families, especially from the Black Caribbean community, that’s exactly what it does mean!

Here’s the video, my segment’s right at the beginning. Do tell me what you think of the piece.

Suzy Rowland on Channel 5 News:…

Please share if someone you know has been affected by exclusion, particularly if they have autism or ADHD.

I was also contacted about doing a piece on mid-life career change for BBC Radio 5 Live, but some football match took up the air time…!

That’s enough media courting for one week, I’m back to finishing my workshop session for next week at the White House, Hampton. Hope to see you soon.

© Suzy Rowland

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