And so, another session ends

Sometimes you just need to let a picture do the talking. Parent SEND workshops can be hard work, intense and tiring. At the #happyinschool project, we’re all about honing in on the positive, working with the information we’ve got and developing practical strategies to move us and our children forwards.  That’s why we’re here, in this space, sharing our stories.

Doing it the #happyinschool way utilises the technique of parent power, and one of the biggest powers we possess: our latent ability to parent with humour, resilience and a sense of purpose. Hang on a minute! That’s how we want our kids to approach their own experiences, so it makes sense that we start with their biggest influencer – us.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to feel these things, particularly on the days when we feel like we’re chewing on a bag of nails. But using the techniques in the sessions, peer support and a full and varied programme that gallops along for fifteen hours over a six-week period, something inside you will change. Take it from these guys, smiling faces. It’s an undiluted pleasure to lead these sessions, as we all emerge feeling a bit sturdier and a lot sharper, and that’s no mean feat. Well done everyone.

#happyinschool attendees – ambassadors for their children’s future

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©Suzy Rowland


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