Parent Testimonials


“Any parent would be happy to have this workshop to give them a little knowledge and guidance and as R said, I too feel more empowered especially ahead of the initial EHCP discussion” Mrs. B, Surrey.

“The sessions are great and engaging”

“The graphics and clear, the sessions move at a great pace (no waffle).

“Thanks again for the course. It was very empowering,” Mr. R Surrey

“I really enjoyed the role play, it was interesting discussing different approaches of parents and teachers…”

“There are plenty of practical & positive suggestions and strategies”

“‘I’m suspicious that my 13 year old son may have Asperger’s.”

“There are plenty of helpful, realistic solutions/recommendations to try at home.”

“I enjoyed the discussions surrounding issues with play from the slides, and the questions.”

“I’ve started using some of the techniques with my son before he starts his homework, it’s really improved his anxiety”

“It was interesting to consider how the issues raised apply to my child.”

“The thoughts on ADHD behaviours was particularly interesting”


”Discussed strategies of how to help with friendships”

“Can’t think of any areas to improve, session was really good.”

” I really enjoyed how much discussion the [play] session provoked”

“It got me thinking about how our son copes with playground sessions. One for the next SENCO meeting.”

“Reframing negative labels to more positive language.”

“Lots of information, well presented, genuine warmth and insight.”

“I enjoyed talking about ADHD, I didn’t know much about that.”

“Generally just gave me a new perspective”

“I enjoyed all of it, very informative. Helps me to understand my rights as a parent.”

“I enjoyed how much discussion it provoked.”

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