Express CIC Autism Conference

The Express Autism Conference takes place on March 20 at the Rose Theatre, Kingston, an event for World Autism Awareness Week.

I’m taking part in the event and looking forward to chatting to the other speakers and meeting as many guests as possible. It feels like a huge responsibility; I’m aware that my experience as an autism parent is not unique, and I cannot attempt to speak for everyone. But what I can do is speak my truth, share my learnings and trust that the words resonate and bring hope and fresh determination to other autism parents and the children they care for.

Purple Ella
Purple Ella

It is undeniably a bewildering journey, not least for the ‘hidden’ aspect of this neurological condition. Of course, it’s hidden to those who choose not to see, but for those of us with our eyes wide open, the difference, brilliance and creativity of autistic children is difficult to ‘unsee’!

happyinschool Founder, Suzy Rowland

What we are wanting is for the educational establishment to see our children and young people with a fresh eye. To navigate their differences in learning and communication style using empowering and supportive ways. We want to know there is at least one truly listening ear in our child’s place of learning, so we can pass on useful information to you about our autistic child that will help everyone in the educational and support team. We would like you to recognise that what we are discussing is not about ‘special treatment’ it’s about equal treatment in an environment that is geared towards homogeneity.

Express Conference
A community managed by Chris Bonnello

Find out more about the event here:

Looking forward to seeing you there, it should be a lively and fun event!

© Suzy Rowland

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