Training is key

‘Exclusions of autistic pupils set to be halted after landmark legal ruling’

This is great news for autism parents. The charity Ambitious About Autism has highlighted that children with SEN are the group of children most likely to be excluded from school, the education system is effectively failing them.

It is precisely because of headlines like this in London’s Evening Standard, why the Happy in School Project exists. There is still a lot to do in terms of teacher training and change won’t happen overnight, but it’s certainly encouraging to see a commitment at the highest levels to improving the situation for children and young people with autism.

The education system is pressed and sadly autistic children are many still falling through the cracks. The Happy in School Project can provide you with inspiring and creative guidance on how to support your child before, during or after an autism diagnosis.

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3 thoughts on “Training is key

  1. Paula

    My son (year 11) with Asperger’s didn’t attend school for 9 months due to anxiety is now at a PRU as no other option. He’s been there for over a year and is struggling. We are a/W ehcp which we should have a draft for by middle of March. He’s very anxious as there are very challenging children at his PRU,; he was unable to attend mainstream because of acute anxiety due to bullying, both physical and mental. Head is great at his school, other staff don’t help with his anxiety and can make it worse. Such a difficult situation as I don’t want to rock the boat too much for fear of making it more difficult for my son.


    1. Thank you for getting in touch Paula. It’s good that you have an ECHP pending, perhaps you can investigate some specific support for your son’s anxiety in the plan, e.g. resilience training or CBT? The bullying is a common, but serious issue and needs to be addressed at a senior level. Try not to think of yourself rocking the boat, you are advocating for your son. As the headteacher sounds good, try to approach the issues together with his/her support, and make a plan. Best of luck!


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