Happy in School Project

Making sure your kids are #happyinschool is every parent’s dream. We’re not there with them during the day to help them with their games kit, sort out friendship quarrels. It’s tough if you suspect they’re not happy, especially when they come home anxious, upset or have a meltdown. Negative feedback from their teacher about their day is worrying. These concerns are amplified if your child is on the autistic spectrum or has ADHD.
The #happyinschool project is a powerful forum for change: peer-to-peer support for parents, coaching and development for educators and families. Through the #happyinschool workshops, both parties acquire deeper insight into these neurological conditions, whilst learning techniques to help them successfully implement change in the educational setting and at home – to support children to feel #happyinschool.
It’s a powerful and positive programme, which encourages parents and educators to regain a sense of compassionate control and mutual understanding through widening their perspective.

Check the events calendar for details of a session near you. If there isn’t one, get in touch!

“If the child is unable to adjust to the needs of the school, then the school must adjust to meet the needs of the child.”    Marjorie Boxall, 1969.



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